Registering for Classes

Current Hocking College students use Self-Service to identify course requirements needed for degree completion. Students also complete course registration through their Self-Service account. New students entering the institution are encouraged to attend QuickStart to complete the registration process. If you have questions regarding QuickStart, please contact the Admissions Office at

Students are responsible for the following:

  1. Course registration.
  2. All tuition and fee charges resulting from their course registration.
  3. Meeting payment due dates.

Please refer to the academic calendar for important dates including add/drop/withdraw dates and refund schedules.

A confirmation email is sent to your Hocking College email account once registration is complete. It is your responsibility to check your account balance any time during the term and inform your parent(s)/guardian(s) of the amount that is owed to the college. When you add/drop classes, any changes in the account are reflected on Self-Service.

Step 1: Sign your Student Financial Responsibility Agreement

Sign into your Self-Service account.  Left Click on your Username (upper right-hand corner).  Choose Required Agreements. Click on Accept after reading. You may choose to print the agreement form or save it to your device.

Step 2: Meet With An Advisor

Students at Hocking College are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor every term before registering for classes. The relationship students build with their advisor is important in helping shape their educational and career goals and ensuring that they stay on track for graduation.

You are assigned an academic advisor from your department during the first term of classes. This information is located on the student’s Self-Service account under "Advising". If you are signing up for your first semester and do not have an advisor or would like to change advisors, see the administrative assistant in your academic department.

Advisors are required to keep regular, posted office hours each week to assist students with academic concerns and scheduling of classes. However, you also have a responsibility to become familiar with the college systems and program requirements and to seek out academic advice as you progress through your programs.

Step 3: Register For Classes

Self-Service is an all-in-one portal for students to access information about their degree plan, view their class schedule, and register for courses. Below are links to the how-to videos:

  1. Access: In this tutorial, learn how to access the Hocking College Student Self-Service Portal.
  2. PlanIn this tutorial, learn how to add courses to your course plan.
  3. RegisterIn this tutorial, learn how to register for classes.

Course Placement

New students are allowed to register for English and math courses. The first week of class the instructor will determine if a supplemental course will be required. If so, you must register for the course through the Registrar's Office in John Light Hall, room 184.

Have you taken the ACT or SAT? ACT and SAT scores may be used for placement in English and math. IF you had your ACT or SAT scores sent to Hocking College when you assessed, check Self-Service to confirm that we received them. You may also request that ACT (ACT Code 3352) or SAT (SAT Code 1822) send your scores to Hocking College or they may be submitted on an official high school transcript.

An official transcript must be mailed directly from your high school to the Hocking College Registrar's Office. Hand-carried emailed or faxed transcripts and/or ACT and SAT scores are not accepted.

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