College can be expensive. We know that. 但在十大网赌网站大全,十大网赌网站大全的目标是给你提供你能负担得起的优质教育.

Our team is here to help you identify ways to find your pathway to prosperity.

Our all-inclusive pricing structure makes the cost of attending college easy to understand with no surprise fees. All of your classes' costs, including books, supplies, uniforms, etc. 都包含在你的课程费用中,你会在第一天上课时收到这些材料吗. You won't have to worry about paying for extra items for your courses; all you have to do is focus on learning and putting yourself on the path to your dream career.


A grant is considered gift aid, money that you are not required to repay. To be considered for grants, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

For more information about federal student aid eligibility, award limits and other important information, please review the Federal Student Aid Guide.

For any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at

  • Need-based grant considered gift aid
  • 2023-2024学年的最高金额为7395美元(如果符合条件,每学期3697美元)。
  • Amount awarded depends on Expected Family Contribution (EFC), Student’s enrollment status, and Cost of Attendance
  • If eligible, 你可以获得不超过6个学期(相当于3年)的副学士学位.
  • May not receive Pell for more than one school at a time.
  • What is the Pell Grant?
  • 向经济需求最高的学生(符合pell资格的学生)颁发校园基金
  • Must complete the FAFSA application
  • Maximum amount for one award year is $1000 at Hocking College
  • Considered gift aid


If you apply for financial aid, you may be offered loans as part of your school's financial aid offer. A loan is money you borrow and must pay back with interest. Student loans can come from the federal government, from private sources such as a bank or financial institution, or from other organizations.

For any questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at

  • Lender is U.S. Department of Education
  • Based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA
  • U.S. 教育部在你注册至少一半的时间内支付补贴贷款的利息, during the first six months after separation from college, or periods of deferment.
  • First-Year Undergraduate Annual Loan Limit Stafford:
    • 独立学生:5,500美元,不超过3,500美元可以获得补贴贷款.
    • 独立学生:9,500美元,补贴贷款不超过3,500美元.
  • Second-Year Undergraduate Annual Loan Limit Stafford:
    • 独立学生:6500美元,补贴贷款不超过4500美元.
    • 独立学生:10,500美元,不超过4,500美元的补贴贷款.
  • Lender is U.S. Department of Education
  • Unsubsidized is not based on financial need, but based on the cost of attendance.
  • Student is responsible for interest during all periods of the loan
  • If you choose not to pay interest while you are enrolled in school, periods of deferment or forbearance, or enrolled less than half time, the interest will accrue and be capitalized. 
  • First-Year Undergraduate Annual Loan Limit Stafford:
    • 独立学生:5,500美元,不超过3,500美元可以获得补贴贷款.
    • 独立学生:9,500美元,补贴贷款不超过3,500美元.
  • Second-Year Undergraduate Annual Loan Limit Stafford:
    • 独立学生:6500美元,补贴贷款不超过4500美元.
    • 独立学生:10,500美元,不超过4,500美元的补贴贷款.
  • Lender is the U.S. Department of Education
  • Credit approval required
  • 最高金额限于十大网赌网站大全的出勤费(COA)减去学生收到的任何其他经济援助
  • Repayment begins once loan is fully disbursed
  • Current interest rate is 7.54%
  • Maximum amount, upon credit approval, 不超过出勤费减去学生获得的所有其他经济援助

Sallie Mae

如果联邦财政援助的金额不足以支付全部学费,或者失去了获得财政援助的资格,学生可能会考虑申请私人贷款. Private loans are based on credit, 因此,十大网赌网站大全鼓励您获得一个共同签署人,以帮助批准,并确保一个更好的利率.

Sallie Mae Disclosures

To apply for a private loan,请访问十大网赌网站大全的首选贷款网站来比较产品并开始您的申请.


十大网赌网站大全为数百名学生提供50多项奖学金. 在十大网赌网站大全慷慨捐助者的支持和十大网赌网站大全在机构内的承诺下, 十大网赌网站大全能够为符合条件的全日制学生提供奖学金机会. 


为了获得2023-2024学年奖学金的优先考虑, new students 必须在2月6日前提交入学申请并完成2023-2024年FAFSA. 1, 2023. 在截止日期后完成这些项目的学生仍可能被考虑未颁发的奖学金

Returning full-time students must be registered for the 2023-2024 school year by March 31, 2023, 并有完整的2023-2024年FAFSA档案,以便考虑获得奖学金.

For any questions, please contact the Foundation Office at or 740-753-7010.

Graduating high school seniors from Athens, Fairfield, Hocking, Perry, Pickaway, Ross and Vinton counties are eligible for this scholarship. The District Scholars Scholarship is worth $1,000 an academic year.

To apply students:

  1. Apply for admission to Hocking College for the autumn or spring semester at
  2. Apply for Federal and State financial aid programs using the FAFSA at and complete all financial aid requirements.
  3. Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours in your program. 学生必须在学期的第一天之前注册,才能获得该学期的奖励. Flex courses do not count as part of a student’s eligible credit hours.
  4. 高中毕业后一年内参加秋季或春季学期的课程.

As long as a student maintains eligibility, 奖学金将在学生在十大网赌网站大全获得第一个副学士学位期间提供, up to four semesters.

To maintain eligibility, students must:

被选中加入十大网赌网站大全歌手的学生有资格获得价值高达1美元的奖学金,000 a semester.

Who is eligible?

  • 全日制学生(每学期至少12学分),在十大网赌网站大全攻读符合条件的学位或证书课程.
  • Register for MUS-1131 (Hocking College Singers).
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP guidelines can be found at
  • Complete the most FAFSA for the year the scholarship is to be applied.

How do I apply?


To submit your video or schedule an audition, click here. 申请者必须在开课前7天提交网上申请.

If you have any questions about submitting your audition call Emily Davis at 740-753-6137.

总统学者奖是一项竞争性奖学金,面向不仅在高中学习成绩优异,而且在丰富当地社区的公民参与方面表现出色的新生. 获奖者将作为学生大使代表十大网赌网站大全出席各种活动, 主持导游或与各种利益相关者谈论学生的经历. To be considered, students must have at least a 3.5 cumulative high school GPA and demonstrate active community involvement. 学生还需要提交下一个秋季学期的入学申请, 完成他们的FAFSA并在以下截止日期前提交总统学者申请. 此外,接受者必须全日制注册,每学期至少12个学分.

To apply, fill out the form here. The deadline to apply is May 31, 2023.

Click Here to Explore Other Scholarships


Aside from the traditional combination of grants, scholarships and loans, we'll help you identify other ways to pay for your education, like making sure you're using any military benefits you deserve.

For more information about specific military benefits that you might be eligible for, please contact Stephen Powell, the director of Veteran and Military Student Services at


For some students, 上大学的总直接费用可能会超过学生有资格获得的经济援助金额. If the student’s financial aid is not enough to cover all educational charges, then there are alternative financing options available to help cover the gap.

If your remaining balance to pay is less than $1,500, after all charges and expected aid have been posted for Autumn semester, you may establish a Cash Payment Plan. The payment plan may not exceed $1,500 and will be divided by 4 with expected payments of $375 per month. Your first payment, as well as the $30 application fee, must be paid by the 1st of the month for the semester you enroll. The full balance is expected to be paid before the end of the semester.


If you plan to use a 3rd party to pay your educational costs, such as WIOA, a 529 Plan, or another type of payment, 你必须提供文件,证明你有资格获得这笔资金,或者证明你有足够的资金支付给十大网赌网站大全.

If your remaining balance to pay is $2,500 or less for the semester, after all charges and expected aid have been posted, you may be eligible for the Hocking College Work Scholarship for up to $1,000. To receive this scholarship, you must agree to work in a student employment position at Hocking College. Please see your financial aid representative to confirm if you qualify.

For a list of available positions, please contact the Hocking College Career & University Center at

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a form of employment as well as Federal Financial Aid, and like other forms of financial aid, 你必须在联邦学生援助免费申请表(FAFSA)上表明你对就业的兴趣。.
  • Part-time employment opportunity for students while enrolled in school
  • Available to full-time students, with options of part-time enrollment
  • Encourages community service work
  • Students working in community service are paid $2.00 more per hour
  • 在十大网赌网站大全,FWS奖学金的最高金额为3000美元(这些资金不颁发给学院), They are used for payroll purposes

Regular Part-Time (RPT)学生就业是针对那些不符合FWS标准的学生, or the Work Scholarship, but still wish to work.

如需职位列表或开始工作,请联系十大网赌网站大全职业咨询中心 & University Center at


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